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Photo, Key Visual, Commercial

You need a beautyful picture, strong key visual or trendy fashion-shot. Yes, I can.

I am a photographer based in Bremen. At my studio I will do most of the product shots, but if you need me, I will come to your place, no matter if it´s in Germany, Europe or the rest of the world.

I will deliver a strong picture, that will give your website a boost and protect your flyer from being thrown to the waste bin.

Together we will find the right look and a well laid concept, to bring your message and the key information to your client.

What would you like?

Are you a fashion designer and looking for a photographer who understands your genius? Someone who takes the table-top pictures of your new invented goods? Someone who shows the real worth of your belongings? Someone who uncovers the bond between your staff and your loyal customers? Your delicious food should look even more scrumptious? I can do that with both eyes shut (not literally).

Give me a call and together we will find in a non-committal consultation the right concept, price and the scope of your photo or video project.

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After graduating from high school I made a vocational training at Studio Seekamp and got the first place State and third place Federal vocational training award. (The Industry magazine of craft worker released three of my pictures, but only one from the first and one from the second, but I´m not nit picky.) Through this success I became part of a talent program and used the money to visit Malta, Colombia and Los Angeles and that´s where the seed of the cosmopolitan was planted within me. Several journeys to many countries like: China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, all west and mid European Countries except Andorra, Greenland, Jamaica, Peru and several visits to the US (Why did I have to take pictures of Ralf Möller in Austin/Texas, although he lives part time in Germany?) As Dorothy says in the wizard of oz „there's no place like home“ on the other hand Goethe says „travel broadens the mind“ and that´s why I am the wise photographer I am.

„To show the essence of man by taking a picture is photography´s finest art“   Friedrich Dürrenmatt

My philosophy? At my art abitur exam (high school graduation) I had to show the difference between the rich court painter Anthonis Van Dyck and poor Vincent Van Gogh. At that time I loved Van Gogh and his impressionist and expressionist colleagues and how they managed to show emotions with their art (the Impressionist (and later the Expressionists) didn´t follow the concept of beauty like in the classic before, but tried to work with feelings and were experimenting.) But in photography it´s much easier to show feelings than in paintings, ans so I switched to Van Dyck. I love to show the best of the person I portrait. Peter Lindberdh says „there is nothing more boring than showing a persons smile.“ But in my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than a smile and love in the eyes.

In his 35th anniversary issue German Playboy declared that I am one of the most important 35 photographers in the world through the last 35 years. I am very flattered, but it´s a slight exaggeration ;-) best photographer Bremen is fine (although I know, that you love to google cheap photographer Bremen!).


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The circuitous route to film.

While I was working in Cinema Schauburg in Quakenbrück I realised at the age of 16 that I wanna become a film director. So I read a bunch of autobiographies from famous directors: Spielberg and Lukas, Hitchkock and Chaplin, Scorsese and Fellini. Spielberg recommended: „The director should know everything about the different parts of cinematografic like sound, set design, acting if he wants to be taken seriously by his peers. (I have produced music, have written short stories, have worked for a construction company and was member of the theater group at school.), but most important is the camera work as director of photography.

Although I got one of the desired 20 admissions as a director of photography school in Berlin instead I decided to have a vocational training at one of the largest photo studios in Europe Studio Seekamp to become a photographer. The reason being I had talked to many photographers and directors, and it seemed at that time too difficult to make a living as a director.

Now the tide turns.


My true talent is telling a story.

The wish to become a director was still in my mind, because at the bottom of my heart I am a storyteller. I filmed a few videos, but the breakthrough came with modern digital cameras. Finally, it was possible to film full HD resolution and with my computer I could do everything on my own. Story and filming, light and sound, cutting and music. At the moment I am writing on my first 15 minutes short movie (Yet I will say this: it will be a pirate movie.) Because Brian De Palma says: “The director´s best movies will be filmed between his 30th and 60th.” Time to hurry up.


Although my budgets are not Hollywood like, I try to copy the role model. I try to make the pictures blur-free and with tracking shots, with high contrast and rich colors. I would love to make the world a little bit more beautiful, I hope, you too.

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